endless summer — or how the beach and my hair became bffs


I love the sun and all things summer.  I worship the sun.  Before I knew about wrinkles, age spots and melanoma, I would spend my summer breaks laying out on my family’s huge black trampoline baking myself to a crispy golden brown. 

This was all good and fine until my younger brother’s rapscallion friends hit puberty and realized that they could “sneak attack” me while I dozed and send me and my bikini top in different directions with a few powerful jumps. 

Now I know the error of my ways and I dutifully slather on the SPF.  On a recent trip to the beach, however, I found a great excuse to bake in the sun for an afternoon.  A couple of friends and I applied Free Your Mane Intensive Hydrating Hair Masque to our dry hair and went about our normal beach activities of magazine reading, sipping on a Sigg bottle, and a couple rounds of smash ball.  We actually forgot we had the mask in our hair, but when we washed it out we were shocked at how soft, silky and shiny our hair was.  It was as if our hair had been reset back to the hair of our childhood, before all of the product, processing, and exposure to the elements. 

One of my friends (we’ll call her Betsy) is an avid surfer with extra crispy hair due to constant exposure to the sun, salt, and water.  The dramatic improvement in the look, feel, and texture of her hair was amazing and her hair remained soft and shiny despite daily surf sessions.

 So, until endless summer intersects with the fountain of youth (sigh…), your best bet is to spray sunscreen into every nook and cranny and rub some Free Your Mane Intensive Hydrating Hair Masque into your hair, concentrating on the ends.  Twist your hair into a little bun, or pin it flat against your head and put on a big floppy hat.  Gather your summer reading and oversized sunglasses, and then go relax and let the sun and heat do the work for you. 

 -Laura Wentzel



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